About us

We created the Wool Soul project to prove that wool is just an itchy fabric that shrinks every time it is washed. Merino can be much more than just outdoor thermal underwear. We were looking for a way to incorporate it into our everyday wardrobe. Today, we can wear it to work, with jeans, shorts, skirts, but also for exercise and sports. Almost everywhere, actually. And we want to offer you that too.

Michaela / Míša: 

I didn't like the clothes that were available in stores and I was always fascinated by my mom's Burda magazines. And so I started sewing as a teenager. Then there was a period of other activities during my studies, then the children came I returned to sewing. I moved from copying cuts to creating my own. I started experimenting with everything possible. I discovered merino and the most delicate knit version on it. I've been wearing it for almost ten years. Then Terka came along, I sewed her a shirt and WoolSoul was born.


Pitta a Vata. And pisces. In my friend's words I am a slightly unfocused burst of energy who loves to live, run, see teh world and work with her heart. I look for beauty in simple things, in nature, in people. And that's  what our Wool Soul project is for me: made with  heart, with a gorgeous friend that I love, with clothes that I love and recharging, creative, fun.


All our products are produced locally in the Czech republic. 

We use premium quality material produced from the New Zealand wool. Fabrics are made in New Zealand or from merino, which is woven and dyed in the Czech Republic. Newly we also introduced some heavier merino from Estonia.


We believe that less is more and that beauty lies in simplicity. We design our products to be pure, universal and to suit us and you, our customers.


Merino is a gentle It is gentle, it flows beautifully and looks almost like silk. It only itches exceptionally people with extra sensitive skin. 

You can read more about merino on this link:  About merino wool


Merino is 100% natural material that does not need frequent washnig and is easy to take care of. The fabrics used have Eco-tex certificate.